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Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatment

While many traditional forms of addiction treatment are effective and credited by professionals, alternative forms of treatment have also been advanced in recent years. These forms of therapy add variety to the typical course of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Alternative treatment programs vary in approach, but they are all designed to help the recovering addict maintain sobriety in the long term. Many Wisconsin rehabilitation programs now offer alternative therapy programs to patients for whom traditional counseling is not effective enough.

What is alternative treatment?

Alternative forms of therapy for substance abuse and addiction have been developed by addiction experts. These programs do not stand in opposition to traditional forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, however. They are designed to act either as alternatives to or as supplements to traditional counseling methods.

One of the benefits alternative therapy offers is the sheer variety of programs available to recovering addicts. Programs can be chosen based upon the individual patient’s character and interests, making therapy far more effective. The following alternative forms of addiction therapy have greatly increased in popularity:

Music therapy

This form of therapy encourages the patient to sing and play instruments. By creating music, the patient can focus his energies in a positive and constructive direction. Music therapy also allows the patient to access his or her creative side and can contribute to a lifelong love for music. This form of therapy is suitable for patients who have expressed an interest in music or who have musical talent.

Restorative yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice involving physical and mental exercises that are designed to help the practitioner increase his physical strength and gain control over his body. Yoga also emphasizes discipline and is very helpful to recovering substance abusers. Studies have found that practitioners of restorative yoga who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse are able to more successfully avoid a relapse into previous patterns of drug and alcohol abuse. Yoga therapy is a good choice for the patient who wishes to relieve stress and to avoid the fatigue that is often a result of drug and alcohol addiction and withdrawal.

Equine therapy

Horses have long been known to have a therapeutic effect upon humans. In an equine therapy course, patients are brought to a farm or ranch and are allowed to groom, lead, and ride horses under the supervision of trained horse experts. Equine therapy is a good treatment option for patients who have expressed an affinity for the outdoors and for animals.


This ancient Chinese medical practice involves the use of very fine-tipped needles that are inserted into the patient’s skin at specific points. By variously spinning and vibrating these needles, the acupuncturist can treat many maladies and conditions, including addiction to drugs and alcohol. Acupuncture manipulates the flow of the patient’s qi, a form of energy that is believed to affect the patient’s bodily health. Acupuncture is a suitable treatment option for patients who have expressed an interest in traditional or alternative forms of medicine.

Benefits associated with alternative drug and alcohol addiction therapy

Addiction treatment is only as effective as the patient who undergoes it. If the patient takes no interest in the treatment program, it will be less effective. Alternative forms of therapy offer a greater variety of activities that may help the patient avoid relapse and find a new potential lifelong hobby or interest. Alternative forms of therapy can also be practiced alongside one-on-one counseling.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, speak to an addiction specialist today to learn more about alternative treatment options. Do not let addiction rob you of one more day, pick up the phone now.