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Illegal Drug Addiction in Wisconsin


Drug abuse is a serious problem in the state of Wisconsin, but many residents do not realize just how prevalent the issue has become. In fact, illegal drug addiction in region has been growing in terms of both serious consequences and the number of people affected. Even if you have not been personally impacted by an addiction to heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or other illegal drugs, chances are your life has been touched in some way.

Illegal drug addiction in Wisconsin and elsewhere has a harmful impact on the health care system, overstressing hospitals and creating a need for more emergency room doctors and nurses. That in turn can increase health care costs for all Wisconsin residents, creating economic hardship and impacting the lives of even non-addicts.

Addiction to illegal drugs among residents of Wisconsin can also create serious problems for businesses in the state. Having drug addicted employees on the payroll can have a huge impact on productivity, and an even bigger impact on workplace safety. That in turn can drive up employment costs, insurance rates and ultimately consumer prices.

As you can see, addiction to illegal drugs is a serious problem throughout the state – impacting young and old, rural residents and city dwellers, men and women. Even if you have not been personally impacted by cocaine, heroin and other common street drugs, if you live in the state of Wisconsin you need to take an interest in preventing the damage and getting addicts the help they need.

What Are Some Commonly Abused illegal Drugs?

While there are countless illegal drugs abused in the state, as well as the nation, some substances are more likely to be abused than others. It is important to understand what these drugs are, how they are used and abused, and what makes them so dangerous and addictive.

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused illegal drugs, not only in the state of Wisconsin but elsewhere in the country as well. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, a naturally growing substance that contains stimulant properties and is also powerfully addictive.

Cocaine comes in both powdered form and a rock form known as crack. Both forms of cocaine are very addictive, and they can be snorted, injected or smoked. No matter how cocaine is used or what form it takes, this dangerous street drug is a real problem throughout the state.

Heroin is also a growing problem throughout the area. Like cocaine, heroin is also derived from a plant – in this case the poppy plant. Heroin has strong painkilling properties, and in fact morphine and other painkillers are also derived from the poppy plant. Unfortunately, however, heroin and other derivatives of the poppy plant are also powerfully addictive. The state is home to many heroin abusers, some of whom are also addicted to prescription opiate pain medications like Oxycodone.

Crystal meth is a growing problem throughout the region as well. This dangerous form of methamphetamine is not confined to the rural parts of the state – it is just as likely to be seen in the big cities and suburbs. This powerful stimulant is also powerfully addictive, creating a dangerous substance abuse problem for many residents.

Why is Professional Treatment So Important?

No matter what kind of illegal drug is being abused, professional drug rehab treatment is essential. Problems with addictive substances do not get better with time – they only grow worse as the addiction becomes more and more severe.

Some substance abusers think that they can overcome their addiction on their own. They may attempt to go cold turkey and stop using the drug, but in most cases that approach is counterproductive and could even be dangerous.

The problem is that many of the most commonly abused street drugs, including cocaine, heroin and crystal meth, exert a powerful hold on their users. Addicts who attempt to stop on their own may experience a host of painful withdrawal symptoms, from fevers and chills to shaking and nausea. The severity of these withdrawal symptoms can be enough to stop the addict in their tracks and make their addiction even worse.

Getting the addict into a quality drug rehab program is much more effective and far less dangerous. No matter what drug is being abused or how long the addiction has been in place, an accredited rehab center can give the addict the coping skills they need to not only stop using drugs but maintain their sobriety for a lifetime.

What Forms of Treatment Are Available for Illegal Drug Addiction?

Addiction to illegal drugs is a serious and very dangerous problem, but the good news is that there are a number of very effective treatment options available for residents who need them. As with any other health problem, it is important for drug rehab centers to work with each patient to develop a treatment plan with the greatest chance of success.

In many cases the drug rehab center will begin with a course of medical detox designed to rid the body of the drug and blunt the impact of any withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox uses a number of techniques, including supportive medication to reduce the pain of withdrawal to ongoing counseling by doctors, nurses and other members of the rehab staff.

Follow up help is just as important when it comes to treating an addiction to illegal drugs. The best drug rehab centers work hard to help their patients develop the coping skills they will need when they leave treatment and reenter the world. Through a combination of peer support, drug abuse counseling and addiction aftercare, the staff at the drug rehab centers develops a course of follow up care to help each patient succeed and maintain their newfound sobriety for a lifetime.

The abuse of illegal drugs is not something to be taken lightly, it is important to be aware of the impact these substances are having not only in Wisconsin, but across the nation. Even if you only suspect someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, it is important to get them the help they need and to do it without delay. Dial an addiction specialist today. Recovery and sobriety start here.